November TBR

November being my birthday month, I have decided that I want to read books that I feel like I am absolutely going to love. I am hoping this month to be an exciting and awesome reading month!

1. Ready Player One – Ernest Cline (Science Fiction)

This book has been on my TBR for over a year. I have been saving this book for the perfect occasion and what better time to pick it up than my birthday? This book has been loved by all and the fact that it is a science fiction and about video games is enough to intrigue me. I have a feeling that I am going to devour it but also a bit scared that I might find it overhyped. Only one way to find out.

2. The Toll – Neal Shusterman (Science Fiction)

Previously I had read Scythe and Thunderhead and absolutely loved it. The story and concept was so unique, the characters so intriguing and the worldbuilding so amazing. Thunderhead left me in shock and awe and had me itching to pick up the next book immediately. The only reason I left this book alone for so long is I don’t want the series to end.

This book series is set in a futuristic world where humans don’t die and have unlocked the power of cloud called Thunderhead that knows EVERYTHING. But that’s where the Scythes come in, a group of highly esteemed individuals tasked with the responsibility of killing or gleaning selected people to keep the population in control. But what if some of them go rogue or start to abuse their power?

3. Firefly Lane – Kristin Hannah (Contemporary Fiction)

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah was one of my favorite reads of the year and of all time. I have heard several times that Kristin Hannah books emotionally and mentally break you and leave you sobbing which I also witnessed firsthand. I had read the first few pages of this book few months ago and had an inkling that this was gonna be a new favorite.

All I know about this book is that it is about two woman and their friendship throughout their life. I also know that there’s a Netflix series adapted from this book but I have heard from no one regarding it.

4. Crying in H Mart – Michelle Zauner (Memoir)

The main thing that intrigued me about this book was that it’s set in Asian culture which I absolutely love to read about. Apart from that I know nothing about this book and wish to keep it that way. I have heard so many people talk about this book and saying that they really liked it. Hopefully I feel the same about it!

5. Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix – JK Rowling (Fantasy)

I have been re-reading the entire Harry Potter series this year and finally reached the fifth book. This series gives me the perfect and much needed dose of warmth and nostalgia. It is like being wrapped by a warm blanket in the winter while reminiscing my childhood. This book is definitely going to be the cherry on top for the birthday month.

And with that, we come to the end of November’s TBR. Last month I didn’t get around to all the books I had initially planned but found several hidden gems. As you know, I will also be picking up more book that are not part of this TBR and more pertinent to my mood.

For reviews on the above mentioned books and any other book that I read, stay tuned for the upcoming posts!

Comment down below which book you absolutely WANT to read this month or if you have read any of the books mentioned.


By Harini @BookSpiral

Hi! I am Harini and I run this blog. I am a massive lover of books and like to spend all my time reading. My main aim is to explore new topics and unique books and talk about it on my blog. Hope you enjoy the content that I put out!

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