Bookish Christmas Gift Ideas

Hello, my fellow Spirals!

With just a few days left for Christmas, everyone who has left gift shopping for the last minute must be rushing to get it finished. But don’t worry, I have you sorted for finding gifts for your book lover friends. So let’s get into it!

1. Kindle

Okay is there any gift that is more obvious than this one? If you are looking to buy something slightly fancy for ,maybe, your close relative who also happens to love books then you have to pick up a Kindle. Trust me, any reader will appreciate this gift since it helps them to read at night while protecting their eyes from the harsh backlight emitted by iPads and phones. Even if the person you want to gift this to prefers paperbacks over e-books, they will start loving e-books once they try it out. The added bonus of a Kindle is that with the help of Libby you can instantly borrow books from your local libraries for free of cost. Now imagine how much money they would be saving!

2. Reading Journal

If your booklover friend reads plenty of books and loves to keep track of what they read or learnt, then this would be a blessing for them. These journals help you keep track of which books you read over the year, jot down points to remember about the story and about what they liked/disliked. Even if someone isn’t in the habit of keeping track, this will help them do so while motivating them to read more.

If you are someone who can draw well and have time in your hands then you can go the extra mile to get a plain journal and draw the spreads yourselves. This will add that personal touch to the book that I am sure the receiver will treasure for a long time.

3. Fancy Bookmarks

When I say fancy bookmarks, I don’t mean giving them a paper bookmark with fancy prints. Instead I mean giving them durable yet unique bookmarks such as the ones that glow in the dark or are made of metal. You can find different unique bookmarks and gift them as a bunch. Trust me when I say a bookworm can never have too many bookmarks. Here are some images & links where you can buy these from or get some ideas:

4. Funko Pops

If I was on the receiving end of a Funko pop then I would be absolutely ecstatic. If you know the person’s favorite book or character then a simple search on Amazon would provide with varieties of Funko Pops. You can also try out different TV show characters which are just as easily available. These cute miniatures can beautifully adorn someone’s bookshelf or room

5. Annotation gift set

Anyone who loves paperbacks solely for the purpose for annotating will truly appreciate this gift. You can include a set of colorful highlighters, sticky tabs and Post-Its as a small gift set. Especially for students, this gift set would be so versatile and save them a trip to the stationery shop.

6. Clip On LED Reading light

If only books were written with glow in the dark ink. Nevertheless, there’s a workaround to that which is the LED light lamp that can be clipped on to a book or the back of the bed. This way they will never have to stop reading at night!

And with that I will wrap up the list of gift ideas. Wishing you all a Merry Christmas and hope you give and get amazing gifts!

Comment down your bookish gift ideas or if you have received something you really loved!
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