Blue or White? | Winter Recommendations

Hello, my fellow Spirals!

It is finally December which means winter is in full swing in many countries. But the added bonus of December is the festive mood of Christmas that is spread all around us.

Vibes: blue, cold, dark, gloomy OR white, light, magical, festive, cozy

1. The Night Circus – Erin Morgenstern (Fantasy)

Okay to me this is the absolute perfect book to pick up during winter. If you are looking for something magical, white, festive and full of lights then what is better than reading about a magical circus?

The story revolves around a circus arrives without a warning which opens only at night and disappears by dawn. But behind the closed curtains, there is a competition between two young magicians, Celia and Marco who are unaware about each other or what the duel entails. For one to win, he/she needs to be the last one standing.

This book has so many layers and characters to unpack, and a terrific pick if you want some magical realism. The scenes are painted so beautifully that throughout the book I felt like I was actually walking through the circus. Granted this book is a chunky one but I promise that it won’t feel like it once you start reading it.

2. The Nightingale – Kristin Hannah (Historical Fiction)

A book for those people who want something deep, emotional, dark and blue. Like I have mentioned (a million times) before, Kristin Hannah’s books are guaranteed to make you sob and this one did exactly that to me.

This book takes place during WW2 in France and Germany. It’s a story about two sisters, one who is gentle, motherly, and wants to protect her family while the other is rebellious, reckless and searching for purpose and joins the Resistance. In their own ways, both sisters play a crucial role in the war and have to face their obstacles with strength and courage.

3. The Queen’s Gambit – Walter Tevis (Fiction)

The Netflix show was a massive hit during 2020 but did you know that it was adapted from a book that was published several years ago? I feel like this book is so perfect for winter with its dark and gloomy atmosphere while the book is fast paced and eventful.

To anyone who isn’t already aware of the storyline, it follows the life of Beth Harmon, a chess prodigy, from her childhood in orphanage to her adulthood. It explores topics such as drug abuse, alcoholism while talking about her relationship with chess and victory in detail. I will urge everyone to give this book a try.

4. Christmas in the Scottish Highlands – Donna Ashcroft (Romance)

To me Christmas means picking up light and fluffy reads that will make you feel all warm inside. If that’s the case for you too then definitely pick this book up. To people who have been following my blog for a while know that I am not a huge fan of romance. So the fact that I liked this book means that it’s really good. Each character in the book shows development and explores each of their backstory. This is not in any way cliché or revolves only around the couple which I really appreciated.

When Belle crashes into an old lady, Edina, and renders her injured, she moves into her house to take care of her. Slowly she realizes how lonely Edina must be and looks for ways to lighten up her Christmas. But Edina’s grandson, Jack, an arrogant, rude and bossy lawyer is convinced that Belle is going to ruin the holidays and steal from her grandmother.

5. Snow Crash – Neal Stephenson (Sci-Fi)

The book name itself has snow in it so I think that is reason enough for me to pick it up for this post. Now I wasn’t a huge fan of this book but I know A LOT of people who picked this book up thought it was amazing. Also, if you have heard the term Metaverse associated with Facebook then you should know that the term (and what it represents) was actually coined in this book.

The plot revolves around Hiro Protagonist (yes that’s his last name) who is a pizza delivery guy in the real world but a warrior prince in the Metaverse. But suddenly he discovers that a new computer virus is striking down hackers everywhere in reality and Metaverse.

6. Atomic Habits – James Clear (Non-Fiction)

New Year is just around the corner and it’s time to think about what you want to change or keep in your life. This book will give some much needed perspective and advice as to how small changes in our habits can go a long way in shaping our life and personality.

I know this book has been talked about a lot over the internet but trust me when I say that it’s all worth it. This book can really change your mindset and hopefully push you to adopt a healthier and happier lifestyle.

Comment down below your recommendations for winter or if you are excited to pick any of the books from the list!
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By Harini @BookSpiral

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4 replies on “Blue or White? | Winter Recommendations”

I’ve tried picking up the night circus at least 3 times over the past year, but have never stuck with it till the end haha. But so many people love it, I definitely will give it another try. Sometime.
AND I DID NOT KNOW THE QUEEN’S GAMBIT WAS ADAPTED FROM A BOOK!!! I will definitely have to check that one out too! Thanks so much for all the wonderful recs, loved reading this!

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Yea I have heard for some Night Circus was tough to stick to. And yess The Queen’s Gambit is a brilliant novel. I think the show is one of the very few shows that perfectly captured the essence of the book. Still I would urge everyone to give the book a try

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