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Body Image, BuJo Spread, Cruella, The Croods | Talking Thursdays (3/2/2022)

Hello, my fellow Spirals!

I created this post simply to connect with my readers and talk about anything and everything. The main aim is to give you an update on my life, any books that I have recently found, any show or movie that I have watched, what I like or dislike currently, etc.

Life Update

This week has been pretty chill and I like that I have been quite productive as well. I know I haven’t given my full effort (yet) to my academic work BUT I have taken care of mental and physical health.

I have resumed cycling after a long time because during this whole pandemic, staying at home has taken a massive toll on my body. Now I am not shaming anyone and I know that undergoing body changes during these tough time (or any time for that matter) is completely normal and I was okay with it for all this time. But lately as I look into the mirror, I don’t feel my most brightest and shining self. I am not happy with how I look and I feel very uncomfortable in my own body. And a huge part of the reason is because I don’t do ANY physical activity at all which is horrible for anyone. Irrespective of your body issues, I think everyone should move in some way or the other. It could be just taking a stroll outside (while social distancing), playing your favorite sport, exercising at home. But I haven’t done any of that for a long time. Being a Computer Science student and a future Software Engineer, majority of my work is going to be done while sitting at a desk. So it’s extremely crucial for me personally to adopt a lifestyle where I have to move around to keep myself active. Plus I am going to start my job in June so I really want to feel my best and confident when I start working. Fingers crossed that I actually stick to this habit 🤞

Also, since it’s the start of a new month I made a new spread in my bullet journal that I actually really like. I have been bullet journaling for the past 2 years and seriously, it changed my life! Suddenly everything seems so sorted in my life and making the monthly spreads gives me a chance to show my creativity and just enjoy myself. I figured from now on, at the start of every month I’d love to share the spreads I make on my blog because why not!

I don’t take credit for any of these spreads and took inspiration from Pinterest.

Books, Movies & TV Shows

I have had an okay-ish reading week. Some dark and some light reads but overall it was okay. I have definitely been itching for some contemporary fiction like the Seven Husbands of Evelyn Hugo by Taylor Jenkins Reid so if you have any recommendation then drop them in the comments!

As for movies, I actually watched quite a bit. I watched Cruella on Disney+Hotstar which I REALLY enjoyed a lot. The movie revolves around how Cruella came to be, why she turned psychotic and in no way supports it. But watching Emma Stone and Emma Thompson was just stunning. And to those who watched the movie, that beaded golden dress that Emma Stone makes is So. Goddamn. Beautiful. My jaw dropped when I saw it and also when I saw what the dress was actually made of. Overall the movie was

I also watched The Croods (haha another Emma Stone movie) with my parents. I have watched this movie so many times and each time it makes me laugh so much. The characters, especially the Dad, are so adorable. 🥺

Coming to TV Shows, I have started the Originals and somewhere around Ep13 of Season 1 and I gotta say, I LOVE ELIJAH. I didn’t pay much attention to him in TVD but his smile and the tension between him and Hayley is just soooo good. I just want them to kiss already dammit. But also Rebekah. She has always been my favorite character, even in TVD. The way she speaks, the way she carries herself, everything about her is beauty. Will definitely continue watching this show for a long time.

Comment down below what you how your week went and what you liked or discovered this week.
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