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Never Have I Ever Book Tag

Hello, my fellow Spirals!

So here I am with another book tag because seriously they are so fun to do. I saw this book tag at Anushka Stories and immediately knew I had to do it.

The Rules:

  • Link back to original creator: Madame Writer
  • Link back to the person who tagged you or the blog where you first saw this tag.
  • Answer all prompts
  • Add one more prompt of your own
  • Tag at least 5 people
  • Don’t lie
  • Have fun!
Now let’s get to it!
Never Have I Ever read a later book in a series before reading the first book

Yes, I am ashamed to say that I have done that. Not that the act of doing it is shameful but because I did it with Harry Potter. I skipped Order of the Phoenix and directly went to Half Blood Prince because I had watched the movie. Ultimately I read Order of the Phoenix and loved it though.

Never Have I Ever burned a book

Ummm, NO?! In our culture, books are considered sacred and we aren’t even allowed to step on books accidentally or drop them. Burning them would probably get me disowned by my parents. Apart from that reason too, I would NEVER do that to a book.

Never Have I Ever read a book I knew I would hate

Yes. With pretty much every romance that I have picked up (which is only 3 so far) but some definitely surprised me. Also I would have to say Lord of the Rings. I knew I wouldn’t enjoy it at all but still ploughed through the entire series because I PAID FOR THE BOOKS AND CAN’T LET IT GO TO WASTE.

Never Have I Ever wrote a fanfiction about my favorite books

Ooh no actually I have never done that. I don’t think I have ever read a fanfiction either. I don’t think it’s something I particularly enjoy. But I would definitely like to try it sometime in the future.

Never Have I Ever loved a book when I was young and hated it when I got older

Nope. There may be books that I have read now and know that I would have definitely enjoyed way more had I read them when I was a teen. But reading books that I had already enjoyed as a teen just brings back sweet memories and makes me feel all warm inside.

Never Have I Ever dressed up as one of my favorite literary characters

Yes yes yes. I dressed up as Harry Potter characters as a kid while playing in my grandmother’s house and made up stories in my head. Quite honestly I was just a bored and lonely kid so I had to get creative!

Pretty sure I looked just like this: a dork.

Never Have I Ever hated a book by an author I love

Yes? Kind of? Hate is a strong word but I definitely DNF-ed a book THRICE despite loving the author. The book was And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini. There’s something about that book that I just couldn’t get past.

Never Have I Ever gone into a bookstore to buy one book and come out with many more

Yes duh. At this point, I think I (and my parents) have just accepted that I will never buy just one book after entering a bookstore. Frankly, it’s not normal to buy only one book.

Never Have I Ever read the end of a book before reading the beginning

Nope. I don’t even read the blurbs or snippets at the back before starting the book so reading the ending is not possible for me 😂

Never Have I Ever read a book without the dust cover

Yes. I have only one book with a dust jacket and the main reason that is is because hardbacks and dust jackets are just annoying to me. I mean, it’s definitely great for preserving the book for a long time but my reading experience is so horrible and uncomfortable with them.

Never Have I Ever skim read nearly half a book

Yes. I think this is me with any romance book that I pick up. Honestly, why do I even pick them up when I know I won’t enjoy them?

Never Have I Ever spoiled a book for someone.

No, not as far as I remember. Though I have spoiled shows for people sometimes so I wouldn’t put it past me for doing the same thing with books. 😝

Never Have I Ever seen the movie before reading the book

Yep. Like mentioned in a previous prompt, I watched Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix before the book. I have also done the same with The Shining before I even knew it was a book. However, the movie is completely different from the book so it all worked out.

Never Have I Ever lost a book

No way. Books are my precious babies. I will never let them out of my sight. Though I once lent a book to one of my relatives and never got it back so that sucks. 😢

Never Have I Ever read the book upside down

Nope. I don’t see how that’s going to work out unless it’s the Quibbler 😉

My Score

So far I have 8 YES and 7 NO which brings my score to a total of 8 out of 15!

My prompt:

Never Have I Ever smelled a book in a bookstore

For me, YES YES YES all the way.

I would love to nominate:

Comment down your answers for any of the prompts or drop a link to your post if you do this tag!
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