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Favorite Reads of 2021

Hello, my fellow Spirals! 2021 was such a blur. To me I can barely seem to distinguish when 2020 ended and 2021 started. And now the same is happening with 2022. However, last year was one of the most eventful years of my life. I underwent so many changes and witnessed so many personal achievements. […]

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Midnight in Chernobyl | Book Review

Author: Adam Higginbotham Genre: Non-Fiction Rating: ⭐⭐⭐⭐🌟/5 Trigger Warnings: death of loved ones, body burning Summary To anyone who isn’t familiar with the Chernobyl incident, this book would serve as a strong introduction. It is all about how the Party invests in building a nuclear power plant in the city of Pripyat. But due to […]