Books To Read For Beginners | Part 1

If you don’t like reading, you haven’t found the right book.

– J K Rowling

Rightfully said so, and that’s why I am bringing to you my favorite yet interesting & gripping books from each genre that are guaranteed to make you fall in love with reading.

Due to a variety of genres, I am splitting this post into two parts and covering the remaining genres in the next post.

1. I’m Thinking of Ending Things – Iain Reid (Thriller)

When starting with reading, in my opinion thriller is always the best genre to try. This is mostly because you need something that will interest you, grip you and make it hard for you to keep the book down while being easy to read. Once you are invested in a story, reading won’t seem like a chore anymore.

I’m Thinking of Ending Things is such a twisted and trippy read that will leave you confused and shocked by the end. On the way to her boyfriend’s parents’ house, the protagonist keeps thinking of ending things with him while reminiscing several incidents in their relationship. But in the meantime, she keeps getting calls from an anonymous person who won’t speak but just stay on the call. The story further escalates into what happens when they reach the house and what she encounters after that.

Read this book and I GUARANTEE that you will be shook when you finish.

2. The Song of The Jade Lily – Kirsty Manning (Historical Fiction)

This genre is one of my absolute favorites and might be yours too. Often historical fiction books are thick and a little hard to get through. But they are also hidden gems with stories that move you, touch your heart and make you feel things that you wouldn’t have otherwise. This book is comparatively short and definitely more accessible & readable than any others that I have read while being equally deep and heartfelt.

The story is of a woman who sets out to Shanghai to find the truth about her real grandparents that adopted her mother and about her own heritage. It also has a dual timeline story about her adoptive grandmother’s time in Shanghai during the World War II. This book provides a beautiful yet horrifying glimpse into the life in China during the World War 2 and how it affected it’s citizens.

Feel free to check out my review on this book here before or after starting the book.

3. Radio Silence – Alice Oseman (Young Adult)

I feel like when talking about Young Adult books, it needs be set in high school while dealing with figuring out life. And there’s no better book for that than this one.

This book is HIGHLY relatable to all high schoolers or even for older age groups. It is all about Frances, a high school study machine, who is obsessed with art and a podcast called Radio Silence hosted by an unknown person. When she gets contacted to prepare artwork for the show by the podcast owner, she befriends the owner while undergoing an identity crisis, discovering her sexuality and figuring out what to pursue in college. The characters in this book are so diverse and relatable that everyone is bound to connect it with some part of their own life.

4. Project Hail Mary – Andy Weir (Sci-Fi)

Want to try out Science fiction books but don’t want the scientific details to go over your head? This book ticks all those boxes and still remains to be funny, emotional and thrilling. If you have watched The Martian (written by the same author), then you are bound to enjoy this one as well.

Project Hail Mary is a story about Ryland Grace who wakes up in a spaceship alone on a mission to save Earth and figure out the reason behind the continuous dimming of the Sun. As he tries to prevent all species extinction, he makes an unexpected ally and explores further to resolve the bizarre problem.

I guarantee you that you will NOT be able to keep this book down once you start it.

5. Becoming – Michelle Obama (Non-fiction)

I cannot think of a more perfect and inspiring non-fiction book than this one for anyone to begin with.

This book is a memoir of Michelle Obama starting from her childhood, how she grew up as part of the Black community, how she pursued Law in college and then became the First Lady of the United States while trying to make big meaningful changes in the society.

I feel like this book is a must read for everyone as it talks so much about life, hardships and struggles and inspires you to push forward and make the most of each opportunity.

Comment down below if you feel inspired to pick up any of the above mentioned books OR if you have any other recommendations.

Also stay tuned for Part 2 for books from different genres!


By Harini @BookSpiral

Hi! I am Harini and I run this blog. I am a massive lover of books and like to spend all my time reading. My main aim is to explore new topics and unique books and talk about it on my blog. Hope you enjoy the content that I put out!

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