8 Short Books to Crush Your Reading Challenge

Hello, my fellow Spirals!

End of the year is coming up soon and this post for all the peeps who want to catch up with their reading challenge. I have curated a list of all the short books you can read probably within a span of 1-2 days.

So let’s get into it!

1. Orbiting Jupiter by Gary D. Schmidt (Young Adult)

This book was so different in a way that I didn’t expect. As you know, I don’t read YA novels anymore but to me this book was so much more than just that. This story is about Jack who meets his new foster brother, Joseph, who has: 1. killed a teacher 2. incarcerated at a place called Stone Mountain 3. has a daughter named Jupiter who he has never seen. The story progresses as Jack helps Joseph to search and find his daughter.

This may be a short book but it packs such a powerful punch. If you don’t believe me then you are welcome to see the Goodreads reviews for yourself.

2. The Deep by Rivers Solomon (Fantasy)

The concept of this book blew me away before I even started it. This book is set during the slavery era where when black people were thrown off the ships, they turned into mermaids. It is not at all like your everyday Fantasy book. If you want a deeper knowledge of the story then check The Deep by Rivers Solomon | Goodreads. This is book is so emotional and literally deep with a solemn tone. It moved me, tore me up and put me back together. I would suggest everyone to give this book a try.

3. Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman (Fantasy)

Let’s move slightly away from the dark, emotional and deep books for a bit. This book, as you can infer from the name, is Norse mythology retellings. It is funny, enlightening and quite a light read that I think you can get through within hours. If you want to know my review on it then check here.

4. The Other Woman by Sandie Jones (Psychological Thriller)

If you are looking for a new yet short thriller then might be just for you. Emily chose to be with Adam, but she didn’t choose his mother Pammie, who is always lurking behind the shadows and shares a special bond with her son. Pammie will go to any lengths to get what she wants, and now she wants Emily gone.

5. Ghachar Ghochar by Vivek Shanbhag (Literary Fiction)

Have I not raved about this book enough already? Turns out, no. Please please please pick this up. This book is super short and I finished it within hours so I’m sure you can too. And the ending… oh my god. You’ll clutch your head and be like “WHAT”. Disclaimer: if you don’t react like that then Google the ending explained and then you will. Because that’s exactly what happened with me.

This story follows an Indian family who experience sudden richness after struggling with poverty for a long time. We get to see how the different family members functioned together before being rich and how the money changed each of their attitude.

6. Red at the Bone by Jacqueline Woodson (Literary Fiction)

While I wasn’t a huge fan of this book, I know sooo many others were. But one thing that I liked about this book was that it gave me Gilmore Girls vibes. Not the same cozy feeling but similar storyline.

The book opens to the evening of a 16 year old, Melody’s coming of age ceremony wearing a special custom-made dress. But 16 years earlier, the same dress was measured and sewn for a different wearer: her mother — a celebration that never took place. The plot explores sexual desire, identity, ambition, gentrification, education, class and status and the life-altering facts of parenthood.

7. Remote Control by Nnedi Okorafor (Sci-Fi)

A short, unique and action packed science fiction novel. To read my review, check here.

A story taking place in Ghana about a girl, Sankofa, whose touch can cause death. She walks alone with her companion fox searching for an object that came from the sky and gave itself to her when the meteors fell which changed her to who she is now.

8. Infinite Country by Patricia Engel (Historical Fiction)

This book to me was beautiful, raw and honest to me in so many ways. I was listening to the audiobook on a car ride and tears were practically streaming down my face.

It is a heartbreaking portrait of a family dealing with the realities of migration and separation from Colombia and The States. One thing I really liked about this book was that it talked a lot about the country’s heritage and culture which is always what I am looking for.

And with that, I’ll wrap up this post. I really enjoyed making this list and hope you all crush your reading challenge!

Comment down below what is your reading goal for 2022 and if you finished your 2021 reading challenge.
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By Harini @BookSpiral

Hi! I am Harini and I run this blog. I am a massive lover of books and like to spend all my time reading. My main aim is to explore new topics and unique books and talk about it on my blog. Hope you enjoy the content that I put out!

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Ghachar Ghochar looks excellent and I will get hold of that at some point certainly! I don’t have a books-read goal for 2022 but I do need to have finished all of my TBR as of 5 October 2021 by 5 October 2022 (apart from a few I’ve saved to read along with my best friend) thanks to an annoying bet with my husband (I am ahead of schedule, at least).

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First of all, THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS LIST!! I’m 13 books behind on my goodreads challenge currently and very much stressed over it, so this list is perfect! The Deep sounds so amazing, i will definitely have to check it out!

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